Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Meet the Team week two - Trish Latimer

It's time for week two of our Meet the Team blog posts, where we get to know the wonderful ladies of the Creative Expressions Design Team a little better! This week we would like to introduce Trish Latimer...

Question 1. Introduce yourself briefly...
I'm Trish Latimer and I'm a full time mixed media designer . I live in sunny(!) Blackpool with my husband and four children. I've been crafting for around 15 years and write for various crafting magazines, I've also recently released a DVD called 'Create with Paint'. 

DT Member Trish Latimer

2. How did you get into crafting?
I saw a TV demo of rubber stamping years and years ago and have been hooked ever since!

3. How would you describe your style?
My style is messy, painty, quirky and very colourful!

4. Where do you draw inspiration from?
I love looking at fabrics and all kinds of textiles to get colour combination inspiration, but you can find great colour combos anywhere if you look hard enough!

5. What's your favourite technique right now?
My favourite technique probably changes every week! Right now I'm very 'into' paint splatters using a bottle brush. Next week? Who knows!
An Icy Santa Christmas themed canvas by Trish: made using  the Tim Holtz Christmas Time stamp set
6. What's your favourite colour?
I like combinations of colour rather than a single shade. Right now I adore lime, black and white together.

7. What do you like to snack on whilst crafting?
Nothing! The crumbs would get everywhere and as I use my fingers to apply most of the mediums I use, eating whilst crafting would probably end up with me eating those too!

8. What do you do when you're not crafting?
Sleep...and even then my brain doesn't switch off. I have my best ideas in those split seconds before sleep happens!

9. Tell us a random fact about yourself...
I used to be a primary school teacher. I haven't taught in schools for 17 years, but I've taught craft workshops for the last ten. 

10. What craft tool couldn't you live without?
My brayer...I love brayering layers of paint all over everything!

11. If your house was on fire, what's the first thing you would save from your craft room?
My jewellery pliers. Everything else is pretty much replaceable but I've spent years getting those pliers worn enough to fit my hands perfectly!

You can see more of Trish's stunning makes, including her Creative Expressions DT projects, on her blog here. Be sure to check back here next Wednesday (17th Oct) to read our next Meet the Team post!


  1. Great answers Trish,I feel I know you a little bit now. :0)

  2. It's scary how similar we are Trish. I reckon we would get on like a house on fire! Great answers. Michelle x

  3. Great to know a little more about you Trish and I love your inky splatters . Tracy x

  4. Loved reading about you Trish, great answers. x

  5. Great answers strange..I was a primary school teacher too! Love the idea ofvthe bottle brush...Trace x

  6. Lovely to read all about you - look forward to seeing more of your designs
    Suzanne x

  7. Nice to hear more about you Trish and enjoyed looking at your lovely creations.
    Jean xx