Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Fun with Cosmic Shimmer Fabric Paints

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the gap in posting new content, but Creative Expressions HQ has been in a whirlwind of new product launches in the last month. Below is a whole post focused on our new Cosmic Shimmer Fabric Paints available from all your favourite retailers now. The Fabric Paints come in 13 colourful shades with a lustre finish and 7 glitter infused shades with a sparkling finish. The paints are fully machine washable when heat treated and look beautiful when painted freehand, used through Creative Expressions Mini Stencils or That Special Touch Masks. You can use them to decorate and adorn cushions, bags, clothing, toys -  anything and everything made with fabric can be made into a unique craft piece. Alongside our in-house crafting expert - Tracey, Pink Ink Designs, who took the paints on Hochanda TV on 13th of May, sent us some beautiful images to share and inspire… happy creating!