Monday, 14 November 2016

DIY Christmas Snowglobe

Designed by Design Team member Liz Borer

Hi there , Elizabeth here again with a Christmas project . I have used the MDF Snow Globe and other MDF accessories to create a winter scene which I hope you like .

Creative Expressions items used for this project:-- 
MDF Snow Globe CED3079
MDF Reindeer Accessory Pack  CEMDFREINACC
MDF Snowflake Accessory Pack CEMDFSNOWACC
MDF Tree Accessory Pack CEMDFFIRACC
Creative Expressions Clear Stamp Sets Midnight Waltz 
Creative Expressions Clear Stamp Set Inky Christmas
Cosmic Shimmer White Gesso.
Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder Emerald Green 
Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder Golden Mint 
Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder Midnight Blue
Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder Midnight Sky 
Cosmic Shimmer Brilliant Sparkle Blue Zircon
Cosmic Shimmer Brilliant Sparkle Snowcap
Cosmic Shimmer Brilliant Sparkle White Gold
Metallic Gilding Polish Graphite 

STEP 1 .

Paint the Snow Globe , Reindeer, Trees and one Snowflake with white gesso . It will probably take two coats to get good coverage. When the gesso is dry sprinkle Pixie Powders ( Emerald Green , Midnight Blue and Midnight Sky ) over the back piece of the Globe . Spray with plenty of water to make the Powders spread.

The Pixie Powders don't move on paint the same way as they do on paper because the water isn't absorbed so fast . However this means that a different effect can be achieved. I found that if I used plenty of water and powder the colours slowly blended together to create a deep , rich background. If necessary wobble the back piece to help blending. This can be left to dry or dried with a heat gun if you are impatient like me . If you use a heat gun hold it well away from the very wet back piece or the water will blow off !

STEP 3 .
Once the background is dry you can see where the water blew towards the edges leaving lines in the colour . However these will be covered by the front of the globe.

Stamp and emboss the stars from the Midnight Waltz stamp set using Snowflake powder .

Mix the Blue Zircon and White Gold Powders to create a paler blue and use this to emboss the foliage from the same stamp set around the edges of the Snow Globe frame .

Shake Emerald Green and Golden Mint Pixie Powders randomly over the Christmas trees and again use lots of water to blend the colours .
I used Bronze Blush and White Pearl Powders on the Reindeer in this picture . However when I put everything together I felt that they didn't show up well so I coloured them with Graphite Gilding Polish . You might prefer the original colour that I used .

Stamp the ' blobs ' onto the trees using the stamp from Inky Christmas stamp set and embosss with Snowcap powder .

STEP 8 .
Rub Graphite Gilding Polish over the snowflake . Once dry stamp and  emboss with Snowcap powder the largest bauble from Inky Christmas onto the snowflake .Glue both parts of the Snow Globe together and rub Graphite Gilding Polish around the edges . Arrange all the pieces before adhering them to the Globe. Finally add the MDF Snowflake to the top of the Globe .

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